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Job title: Offshore Lifting Inspection Health & Safety Advisor 
Job category: Health, Safety, Security & Environment 
Sub-category: Health & Safety 
Countries (State/Region): Azerbaijan 
Location: Baku 
Role: synopsis
Working between offshore platforms / offshore mobile offshore drilling units / and onshore sites. Working with a community of lifting personnel with the objective of achieving safe lifting operations.
The scope of role is:
o Initially offshore and onshore generic crane lifting operations.
o Possibly expand to the wider lifting community in the Azerbaijan Georgia Turkey (AGT). 
Key accountabilities:
 Key accountabilities include, but are not limited to:
o Audit lifting process at site to ensure procedures are followed and personnel are learning from. 
o Ensure common lifting best practice is adopted across the sites.
o Provision of practical guidance to personnel involved in mechanical lifting activities.
o Ensure that personnel carrying out lifting operation clearly understand their
Roles and Responsibilities.
o Engage with personnel carrying out lifts to promote safe lifting operations. 
o Encourage good safety behaviors.
o Roll out changes to lifting procedures.
o Ensure that the lift plans and risk assessments are revised and consistent across the sites. 
o Participates in incident investigations on lifting related incidents to ensure that the root causes are identified and that Lessons Learned are effectively communicated across AGT.
o Mentors the AGT Region lifting technical personnel as appropriate encouraging individuals to record and develop their vocational qualifications where applicable.
o Liaising with lifting coordinators and Integra reps to ensure documentation is up to date.
o Ensuring all lifting equipment being used by the contract companies is inspected and certified by a competent person 
o Participating when necessary in incident investigations involving lifting operations.
o Monitoring the various contracting companies personnel onsite to ensure best industry practices are being followed.
o Monitoring and advising the various contracting companies in their training programs relating to Lifting Operations and their overall lifting operations. 
Essential Education
• Degree in sciences, environmental or engineering field 
Essential experience and job requirements
o Proven leadership skills, including Health Safety Environment leadership 
o Thorough knowledge of Lifting best practice
o (Offshore Crane operator stage 3 certified or equivalent)OR (Rigger Level 1 or  Level 2 or   equivalent) OR (  Slinger Banksman level 2) 
o 2 years oil and gas industry experience 
Other essential skills and knowledge
o Coaching/mentoring skills
o Highly effective verbal communication skills, able to engage with and effectively influence site personnel 
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